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  World Wetlands Day 2010

Location: Kuala Gula, Perak
Date: February 5-6 2010
Time: 9am – 5.30pm
Description: To celebrate World Wetlands Day 2010, GEC organized a mangrove planting activity in Kuala Gula. Our Sahabat Hutan Bakau group took the lead in organizing the activities and some 2000 seedlings were planted. The event started out on February 5th with an educational field trip to our mangrove nursery for the school children to learn more about mangroves and the ecosystem it supports. Later at night they learned more about the bird life in Kuala Gula and were treated to a scrumptious BBQ. We began early the next day with some morning exercise at 7.45am and after breakfast we headed off to the jetty in our lifejackets. A 20 minute boat ride later and we reached our planting site - a bare mudflat. It was a beautiful, but warm, morning and the kids had a great time connecting with nature while helping to plant the mangrove seedlings. Back at the Kuala Gula school, primary school children were taking part in a colouring competition for WWD!




We hope you enjoy these photos! They have been captured by our dedicated team of field officers. So please remember to give due acknowledgement and credit to GEC if you wish to use any of these photos. If you would like the original size of the photos or have a look at our photo collection, please contact us so that we can organize something for you. Thanks!


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