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  Be part of Friends of Mangrove

How to become a Friend of Mangrove?

Joining Friends of Mangrove (FOM) is easy! There is only one requirement - a passion for mangroves and the environment! No fee, no hassle. Sign up now and join us on a journey of fun, learning, and education. Click here to know more about FOM.

Benefits of being a Friend of Mangrove

Being a FOM will develop and enhance many aspects of yourself and provide you a better understanding of the world and mangroves.

Some of the opportunities you will gain from being a Friend of Mangrove;-

  • Inside knowledge about environmental issues today, especially in Mangroves
  • Hands-on training experience in mangrove rehabilitation
  • Get to learn more about mangrove ecosystem
  • Raise mangrove seedlings and maintain the community nursery
  • Get first hand information to participate in mangrove planting events
  • Develop leadership and event organizing skills
  • Help to safeguard our mangroves
  • Meet new people
  • Make new friends
  • Networking opportunities with people in the environment field
  • Widen your perspectives
  • Develop new skills
  • Have fun

How can you help  further?

You are more than welcome to share your knowledge and skills with Friends of Mangrove. We  seek  volunteers to assist us in Friends of Mangrove’s related activities. The expertise  we need includes photography, writing and media relations, event management, training, advertising and design, IT, website development and maintenance, administration and organization, research projects, fund raising and campaign activities etc. Let us know if you can assist in any of these areas.


Join us now!


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