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  Guidance to Volunteers and Friends of Mangrove

 A friendly guide to participants of mangrove planting activities!

  • Do not use slippers or sandals. Wear tight fitting shoes and be prepared to go bare foot as your shoes may get stuck in the mud somewhere along the way.
 For example;-
  • Protect yourself from the sun. Outdoor attire and a hat/cap is recommended. Bring your own drinking water and remember to drink a lot of water!
  • MANGROVE FOREST IS A WETLAND! You may sink a bit while walking on the mud and be prepared to get wet and muddy.
  • Always stay in groups and do not wander off on your own –YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO USE A “BUDDY SYSTEM”.
  • Please inform your group leader or facilitators of any emergency.
  • Wear a lifejacket whenever you are on the boat.
  • Please hold the base of the plant. Do not carry the plant by the stems.  It would be helpful  to bring some empty cardboard boxes with you,  to make it easier to carry the seedlings in a proper way.
  • Remove the polybags before planting the seedlings and place the discarded  polybags in the designated area. 
  • Make a hole (with hand or pole) before you plant the mangrove seedling. Ensure that the mangrove seedling is planted into the hole at the correct  level with  the mud surface. Do not compact the mud/soil.


  •  Enjoy the beauty of mangroves and watch out for small creatures that live among the mangroves. They are amazing! 
  •  Immerse yourself in the planting activity and enjoy the once in a lifetime experience with Friends of Mangrove. 

              Photos by Iqbal; GEC/S. Y. CHIN

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