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  Welcome to the 'Friends of Mangrove' website!


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 "Friends of Mangrove" is a Community Based Mangrove Conservation Programme which is spreadheaded by Global Environment Centre since 2007. 
The development of FOM website is funded by The Force of Nature Aid Foundation


We do not inherit the earth from our fathers. We borrow it from our children. - David Bower

Welcome to the Friends of Mangrove website!

The mangrove ecosystem is very unique. The greatest mangrove species diversity exists right here in Southeast Asia, and in Malaysia we have an abundance of them in both the Peninsula and Sabah/Sarawak.

In an effort to rehabilitate and protect this remarkable ecosystem,the Global Environment Centre Mangrove Rehabilitation Programme begin at Kuala Gula, Perak. The "Friends of Mangrove" was established as part of this effort. The "Friends of Mangrove" plays a crucial role in the entire rehabilitation process, which you can read about on this website.

Green Sayings and Quotes
Only after the Last Tree has been cut down,
Only after the Last River has been poisoned,
Only after the Last Fish has been caught,
Only then will you find that
Money Cannot Be Eaten.
- Cree Indian Prophecy .


Let us know what you think about mangroves conservation in Malaysia?

02 Sep, 2012 (past)
SMK Raja Lope Nor Rashid Enviromental Programs

02 Jul, 2012 ~ 06 Jul, 2012 (past)
MMM3: Meeting on Mangrove ecology, functioning and Management

31 Mar, 2012 ~ 01 Apr, 2012 (past)
UUM 2D1N Enviromental Programs

29 Feb, 2012 ~ 02 Mar, 2012 (past)
IPG Islam Selangor 3D2N Enviromental Programs

18 Feb, 2012 (past)
World Wetland Day Celebration 2012 at Raja Musa Forest Reserve, Kuala Selangor, Selangor

30 Mar, 2012
Contractor fined RM12,000 for bribe attempt

29 Mar, 2012
Threat to mangrove swamps

28 Mar, 2012
SAM: Aquaculture a menace to nature

07 Dec, 2011
Palm planters blamed for decline of Borneo monkey


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